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Chasing Js 90mm Titanium weighted shift knob

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Made from super alloy Titanium
CNC and CAD designed.

We wanted this to be the best shift knob you ever used! Months of testing went in to the design of this knob. Shifting is such an important element in driving that we want just the right style and weight for that strong but effortless shift.

-Design with a 90MM tall height.
-Countersunk design. which means the Knob thread doesn't start at the base but actually half way in to the body. This give the shifting experience and knob a very solid feel.
-The top part of the knob is designed with a radius that you hand naturally rest to, giving it the perfect ergonomic balance.
-Weighted in at 354g. This will give you that extra advantage in throw and will improves shifting feel and response.
-38mm or 1.5 inch in diameter offer a nice hold compare to those skinny weak knob in the market.

Alvaibale options in:

M10x1.25 ( Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi) and M10x1.5 (Honda) thread

-RAW titanium.

-Gradient colors from top down - starting from the top - blue, purple, gold/bronze/raw bottom.

-Gradient colors from Base up - Starting from the Base - Blue, Purple, Gold/bronze/raw top.

Our cold anodizing titanium color in a special process that give bright and uniformed colors unlike traditional heat burning that will fade quickly with time and have no even colors.
We borrow titanium color techniques from the jewelry industry to give the pop that no one can.

NOTE: Not compatible on cars with reverse lockout.